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  • Located downtown Culver City, adjacent to the Culver Hotel
  • Patio seating
  • Public parking garage available across the street

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Yalla Mediterranean: Healthy Takeout in Culver City, CA

Mediterranean cuisine offers a healthy way to balance the essential fats, proteins and carbohydrates you need every day. The diet emphasizes vegetables, lean meat and energizing grains, all pulled together by herbs and spices that make every meal a special occasion.

The next time you have a craving for some of the best Mediterranean cuisine, such as tzatziki sauce, falafel or seasoned basmati rice, come to Yalla Mediterranean in downtown Culver City! Our menu offers a great variety of dishes, including sides and even special items such as gluten-free and vegan fare. Our restaurant puts special designations for these dishes on the menu so you aren’t wondering whether or not you can sample a particular food.

Yalla Mediterranean has also made a commitment to sustainability. This is seen in the source of our ingredients, which are delivered fresh from local farms, and our commitment to composting. Our utensils, napkins and other paper products are all composted, giving them a second useful life instead of dumping them into landfills. It’s one way we prove we care about the same things our customers do.

When you want convenient food, you don’t have to settle for greasy, unhealthy fare. Yalla Mediterranean cuisine in Culver City, California will fill you up with food you can feel good about.

How Yalla Mediterranean Joined the Roster of Culver City, California Restaurants

In 2014, the Daphne’s chain of Greek restaurants was sold to a company that decided to transition to Mediterranean cuisine, a new addition to the popular fast-casual world.

Why did we call ourselves Yalla Mediterranean? The word means “let’s go,” and we couldn’t think of a better thing for our customers to say about us. The Culver City restaurant opened in 2015, one of two initial locations in Southern California. We’ve expanded in the region since then, and we’re excited about how quickly we’ve become recognized as one of the Culver City area’s best places to eat.

At Yalla Mediterranean, we believe in fresh cuisine cooked to order. Our meals aren’t assembled ahead of time. We make each one to your specifications, including cooking our meat in just three minutes, so it’s nice and hot when you dig in. If you prefer vegetarian fare, we have falafel as well as a rotating roster of side dishes, which we swap in and out depending on the season and what’s fresh from our farming partners.

Healthy Convenient Delivery in Culver City, CA

Do you ever crave Mediterranean food but don’t feel like making the trek all the way to a restaurant in downtown Culver City, CA? You can order from Yalla Mediterranean online and get your items delivered in minutes by DoorDash. You can even pay online. If you live close to our Culver City location, you may want to opt for takeout. When you order from our website, you can eliminate the wait time by paying electronically and specifying when you want to pick up your food. Just think — no twiddling your thumbs until the food’s ready!

We offer catering services for work functions, parties, reunions, fund-raisers and more. Get in touch with us through our website or email us directly to get a quote for your particular function.

Award-Winning Food in Culver City

As you would imagine, Yalla Mediterranean has garnered lots of attention since its launch just a few years ago. We made Eater LA’s list of the 16 hottest Los Angeles cheap eats restaurants and WeLikeLA’s list of 48 things to do in the city this weekend. Our food has been praised for its fresh flavor and imaginative dishes.

Taking a Tour of Culver City

Many people who eat lunch or dinner with us are here on visits. Like nearby Burbank, Culver City’s claim to fame is its role in the entertainment industry. It rose to prominence in the 1920s as the home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and today it’s home to some prominent media companies, including National Public Radio West and Sony Pictures Entertainment. A downtown renovation project started in the 1990s has succeeded in revitalizing the area.

Culver City is known for:

  • Being the place where iconic movies such as “The Wizard of Oz,” “Gone With the Wind” and “Grease” were filmed.
  • Culver Hotel, where many stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age stayed.
  • The Actors’ Gang, a theater troupe dating to 1981, which claims Tim Robbins among its founders.

Must-see attractions in Culver City include the Kirk Douglas Theatre, named after the famous actor, as well as a handful of museums, such as the Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum, focused on African-American history, and The Wende Museum, which houses artifacts from behind the Iron Curtain.

A day in Culver City should include visits to one of its more than one-dozen parks, the local Veterans Memorial Building and a trip down the Ballona Creek bike path.

Creating Partnerships With Local Farmers

While Culver City is fairly industrial, as the home of many studios with increasingly digital aspects, the town has always had a great appreciation for local agriculture, as well. Yalla Mediterranean reflects that appreciation by relying on local farmers to source the ingredients for our food.

We embrace the “farm-to-table” ethos by ordering only what we can use over a short period and replenishing our supplies from area farmers frequently.

Whether we’re planning special dishes around a featured crop, designating a dish gluten-free or using free-range chicken to fill up a platter, we rely on these foods to stay one of the best restaurants in Culver City, CA. We appreciate our farmers and we hope you can sample their wares at our restaurant soon. Come visit us or order online!