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Fremont, CA 94538


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  • Every Day of the Week: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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Location Details

  • Located at the Old Fremont Corner Market, next to Whole Foods Market
  • Communal outdoor seating available
  • On-demand delivery services available

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Yalla Mediterranean: One of the Best Restaurants in Fremont, CA

The Mediterranean diet has a reputation for being heart-healthy and helping people feel better. The best part is this diet also tastes delicious! You can be healthy without sacrificing your taste buds. That’s something we kept in mind when we opened the Fremont location of Yalla Mediterranean.

Our unique restaurant offers the tastes of the Mediterranean with the price and convenience of takeout. It’s healthy food you can feel good about eating, from the low-fat ingredients fresh from a local farm to our compostable eating utensils and napkins, which won’t pollute the earth. When you want a vegetarian restaurant in Fremont California, we can deliver with high-protein falafel and other meat-free options that make for a hearty meal.

We change our menu seasonally to reflect the current bounty of farmers near Fremont, CA. We also offer convenient options for takeout and delivery, meaning you don’t have to settle for something greasy and heavy when you need a quick meal.

By listening to our health-conscious customers in California who love our non-GMO options, we came up with a menu that will delight any devotee of good food, whether they’re vegan or meat-loving, gluten-free or wheat-dependent. This is one of the few restaurants in CA where everyone will be happy!


Why Yalla Mediterranean Stands Out Among Fremont Restaurants

We opened this location in January of 2016. It became the sixth Yalla Mediterranean in Northern and Southern California, and its Mediterranean décor reflects the food on the menu. We included rustic features and kept the color scheme largely neutral, except for some pops of light blue in our seating.

The live lemon tree at the center of our restaurant echoes not just the Yalla Mediterranean logo, but also our emphasis on fresh and tasty ingredients. We appreciate how quickly we’ve become one of the go-to Fremont, California restaurants.

Our signature wraps are among our featured dishes. They can be made with falafel for those craving a vegetarian meal or with our free-range chicken, antibiotic-free beef or wild-caught salmon.

We offer an array of side dishes that rotate each season, depending on what our local farmers deliver to our doors. That constantly evolving menu sets us apart from other fast-casual places, which serve only what the chain has on its menu. We’re flexible, offering you more choices to supplement your healthy diet.

Healthy Food Takeout and Delivery in Fremont, California

If you’re pressed for time, our Fremont, CA location offers takeout or delivery options that can get you your food quickly and efficiently. You can come to our restaurant and order takeout there, of course, but if you don’t even have time to spare to wait for your order, visit our website first and enter your order online. You can select everything you want, right down to your drink and pay for it electronically. Designate a pickup time, and your meal will be waiting for you when you arrive.

We also provide delivery to the Fremont area through DoorDash, a convenient way to order and pay for your order without ever leaving your home. You can order catering online as well, or you can connect with our catering manager to discuss special pricing options and other requests.

Awards: One of the Best Places to Eat in Fremont, CA

Yalla Mediterranean has won our fair share of awards recognizing our singular take on Mediterranean cuisine. Our Fremont location earned write-ups in Fast Casual magazine and the San Jose Mercury News. Our chain’s frozen yogurt, which includes tiny pieces of our mouth-watering baklava, earned a spot on USA Today’s list of Best Frozen Summer Treats in 2016.

Fremont: A Fun Town in Northern California

How did we decide to expand to Fremont? Located in East Bay, Fremont has lots to offer local businesses, with Tesla perhaps the best-known local manufacturer. But we were also drawn to the vibe and the excitement around Fremont. It has a diverse population, tree-lined streets and a great arts community. It’s the sort of place you visit and then never want to leave.

Fremont’s claims to fame include:

  • Home of the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, located at the former Essanay Studios, where Charlie Chaplin filmed his movies in the early 20th century.
  • Birthplace of late war hero and NFL player Pat Tillman.
  • Home to Mission Peak Regional Preserve, which overlooks Silicon Valley.

Local attractions include the Aqua Adventure water park, where kids and kids-at-heart gather in the summer to ride the 40-foot water slides, and the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge, where eagles, osprey, mice and more forage in the wild.

Partners From Seeds to Salad: Why Yalla Mediterranean Relies on Local Farmers for Its Food

Yalla Mediterranean proudly partners with local farmers in every community. In Fremont, we’re lucky to have a number of suppliers that bring us our produce, meat and fish. We use the freshest possible ingredients, giving rise to the label “farm to table,” because our food literally goes from the farm to your table each day. We believe that’s the environmentally responsible way to source food, avoiding big carbon footprints or unnecessary transportation.

Local farms Fremont works with include a large roster of area locations. We rotate our partners to get the best ingredients at the best time.

We use all these farm-fresh foods to help serve those with special diets. We know how difficult it can be to find a high-quality gluten-free or vegan restaurant. When you come to our Fremont location, you find food that has been safely prepared to avoid cross-contamination.

Visit Yalla Mediterranean in Fremont – or place your order online today to see how delicious healthy food can be.  We’re eager to show you  the best Mediterranean food in Fremont!