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  • Located at Old Ranch Town Center, across from Target
  • Communal outdoor seating
  • On-demand delivery services available

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Enjoy Fresh Fare at Yalla Mediterranean, One of the Best Places to Eat in Seal Beach

What makes a great dining experience? It starts with a meal made from fresh ingredients, sourced from nearby farms and brought to your table not too long after the produce was picked. For those with food allergies, a good experience includes easy-to-read labeling that designates certain dishes allergen-free. The environmentally conscious love a meal that ends in a compost heap — or at least ends with utensils and plates in a compost heap!


We promise all those things and more at Yalla Mediterranean, a healthy convenient restaurant in Seal Beach, CA. We have a rotating roster of Mediterranean favorites on our menu, which our diners can enjoy inside our restaurant or seated in our outdoor area. Our cuisine includes traditional Mediterranean favorites such as wraps and salads, as well as side dishes sourced from nearby farmers, who deliver their fresh produce straight to our location.

It’s important to us to make environmentally-sound decisions, which means cutting down on our carbon footprint by relying on those local farmers for our produce as well as our antibiotic-free, free-range meat. We use non-GMO chickpeas in our falafel, and we have a variety of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes for those who follow dietary restrictions.

Whether you just have a few minutes to spare while shopping at Old Ranch Town Center or you want to linger over one of our delicious craft beers, Yalla Mediterranean is the perfect spot. We’re at the top of the list of popular Seal Beach restaurants.

How Yalla Mediterranean Became One of the Best Restaurants in Seal Beach

This Yalla Mediterranean location opened in 2016, part of an ongoing changeover of Daphne’s Greek cafes across the region that began in 2014. The new owner of the chain decided then to join the popular fast-casual movement, seeing a gap in the market in the Mediterranean space. The Seal Beach restaurant focuses on the idea of clean eating, emphasizing whole foods and a healthy approach to dining that isn’t seen at other fast-casual chains.

Our menu features a wide variety of dishes, with choices rotating according to the season and what’s available from our farm partners. For example, during the fall you may see pears incorporated into our dishes, while spring brings an array of fresh veggies. You can accompany your meal with a glass of wine on tap and finish things off with our award-winning frozen yogurt, which we sprinkle with pieces of rich baklava.

Healthy Takeout and Fast Delivery in Seal Beach, CA

Looking for some tasty, healthy, and convient food in Seal Beach, California? Some days you don’t feel like going out, but you still want to enjoy the great taste of a Yalla Mediterranean wrap or salad. We understand. That’s why we offer a convenient takeout option that allows you to order and pay online. You can even designate what time you’ll pick up your food, eliminating the annoying wait time.

Prefer to have the food delivered directly to your door? We partner with DoorDash for an easy delivery option that allows you to order online. Your food will be at your home within minutes.

If you have a large event you need to provide food for, we can assist with that as well. Our catering includes options for groups large and small. You can contact us directly to find out information on pricing and to coordinate your buy.

Taste the Award-Winning Food at Our Seal Beach Location

As you would expect from one of the best restaurants in town, we’ve earned our share of recognition and awards by local and even national publications. USA Today featured our frozen yogurt as one of summer’s 50 best frozen treats. A number of Los Angeles publications, including Eater LA, have added us to their best cheap eats lists.

What Makes Seal Beach, CA Unique?

Seal Beach offers lots of fun options for activities, whether you’re a tourist just passing through or a local who’s lived here all your life. Located in Orange County, not far from Los Angeles, the town may be best known for the Naval Weapons Station, which also houses the World War II National Submarine Memorial-West. Seal Beach used to be called “Anaheim Landing” because so many people from Anaheim launched their boats here.

Seal Beach is best known for:

  • The Boeing plant, which employs the largest number of people in town.
  • A long wooden pier used for fishing and rebuilt in 1983 following a series of storms.
  • Stingray Bay, a surfing spot known to attract a large number of stingrays.

If you journey to Seal Beach, you will want to check out the attractions, starting with the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. It sits on saltwater marshlands and is home to several species of endangered birds. The Red Car Museum on Electric Avenue features trolley cars that used to roll through the city. And the local Lions Club holds a pancake breakfast and a fish fry that draw huge numbers of people each year.

Putting the Emphasis on Farm-to-Table Eating at Yalla Mediterranean in Seal Beach

Fresh, high-quality food comes from equally impressive ingredients. That’s why we embrace the farm-to-table ethos, serving food delivered fresh by our farmers each day. We cut out the middlemen, who traditionally delayed receipt of our farm food and increased the emissions needed to transport it.

We use a number of nearby farms to assemble our fresh produce, taking in all that’s in season at the moment. We gather food at peak freshness and make it into Mediterranean meals you will savor.

If you are vegetarian or have celiac disease, you can look for labels on our menu that designate certain foods as allergen-free. This makes it easier than having to ask about each separate item. We look forward to hosting you for your next meal in Seal Beach!