Our Story - It’s YallA Good

We dish up fresh, vibrant fare inspired by the flavors and cultures we love. We prepare our food from scratch each morning—chopping, dicing, spicing and zesting—with local produce brought in at dawn. Then we fling open our doors and fire up our grill, sizzling to order responsibly raised meats and wild-caught fish in less than three minutes. Toss in craft brews, wine on tap and compostable everything, and you’ll discover the spirit of Yalla.

Our ingredients come from like-minded folks.

Beef, Lamb & Chicken

We offer hormone and antibiotic free beef and all natural chicken from range-raised animals.


Our salmon is sustainably wild-caught by fisherman committed to practices that protect our oceans and waterways.


We use yogurt and feta from family-run farms that raise their cows on natural diets.


Our sides are scratch-made with veggies and herbs delivered fresh to us every morning. Our falafel is non-GMO.

Everybody at our table deserves delicious, good-for-you food. Look for these symbols on our menu!


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Dairy Free

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Gluten Free

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