How to Film and Edit a Cooking Video on Your Phone – 2024 Guide

In the dynamic realm of social media and content creation, everyone needs to stand out. Thanks to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, everyone can go viral in no time! Watching content has become more accessible than ever.

This guide will take you through the process of filming and editing a cooking video on your phone, ensuring your culinary creations shine on the digital stage. Here are some helpful tips and tricks which you will want to apply.

Prepare and Plan Everything

Before you dive into filming, take a moment to plan and prepare. Consider the following:

  1. Your recipe – you should go for something visually appealing and relatively straightforward yet easy to make. This keeps your audience engaged and simplifies the filming process, but also allows everyone (even newbies) to create a delicious meal.
  2. Script – as with everything, you should have a script ready. This helps you stay organized during filming.
  3. Ingredients and tools – make sure you have all the ingredients and kitchen tools needed before making this dish. This minimizes interruptions and keeps the video flow seamless, yet it doesn’t create those awkward pauses in between.

Think About Your Shooting Space

Think About Your Shooting Space


Create an inviting and well-lit environment for your cooking video that will make your video stand out at all times and all angles. Aim for:

  • Natural light – film during the day near a window to utilize natural light. If artificial lighting is necessary, opt for soft, diffused lights to avoid harsh shadows.
  • Watch out for your background – you should have a clean and appealing aesthetic, with minimal clutter hanging around.
  • Buy yourself a tripod – this will serve as a stabilizer for steady shots. Smooth camera movements contribute to a more professional-looking video.

Which Equipment Do You Need?

Everyone’s style and preferences are different, which means you need to watch out for your very own aesthetic. In fact, why not aim for:

  • A camera or a smartphone – before investing in a pricey camera, you might start by capturing movies on your iPhone or another smartphone.
  • Proper lighting – with the appropriate lighting, even amateur videos may appear professional. A good white light source will improve the quality of your cooking film significantly.
  • Microphone – if you want to avoid noisy backgrounds and only focus on the sound of your voice, invest in a high-quality microphone.
  • The right software – to edit your film, give this a view. Adobe Express allows you to add more dynamic elements to your videos, particularly if you’re editing on your phone. It is a free and super simple editing tool to use.

Think of Different Filming Techniques

Capture your culinary masterpiece with some of these filming techniques:

  • Your chosen angle and perspective – experiment with different angles to showcase various stages of cooking, yet go for something that is “you”. Capture close-ups of ingredients, overhead shots of the cooking process, and final presentation shots.
  • Keep your pace in mind -maintain a steady pace throughout the video. Be mindful of your audience’s attention span and edit out any unnecessary downtime in post-production. Nowadays, fast and captivating content works best, which is why you should aim for something quick and fast-paced.
  • Focus – don’t forget to tap on your phone screen to adjust focus and exposure, ensuring clear visibility of ingredients and cooking steps.

Know how To Edit Your Videos

Know how To Edit Your Videos

The editing part can sometimes be way more time-consuming than the cooking process, weirdly enough. This is why you need to update your approach.

  • So, select a user-friendly video editing app for your phone, such as the one we recommended before, Adobe Express.
  • Transfer your video clips to the editing app and arrange them in the desired order.
  • Make sure to eliminate unnecessary footage and refine pacing by trimming and cutting as needed.
  • You can easily enhance video flow with smooth transitions between clips. Add background music for a captivating atmosphere.
  • Lastly, you can also include text overlays to highlight key ingredients, steps, or tips, adding a professional touch and improving viewer engagement, yet making it appealing and fancy-looking.

Export Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with your editing skills, it’s time to export the video. Some important tips and tricks to follow are:

  • Aspect ratio -optimize your video for different platforms by adjusting the aspect ratio. Square or vertical videos work well on various social media platforms.
  • Quality check – before sharing, review your video to ensure it meets your standards for quality, clarity, and overall visual appeal.
  • Upload it and share it -post your cooking video on preferred social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Engage with your audience and encourage them to try your delicious recipe. Don’t forget to be present and active in the comment section.

Some Helpful Tips

Your video recording ability improves as you capture more recordings since practice makes everything perfect. Keep things organized when filming. There will be a lot of mess to clean up at the end, so try to do it as you go.

Usually, there is a lot of mess or dishes in the kitchen when you finish filming, which is why you should clean up the mess right away. The concept of time is equally important.

On the day of filming, a dish that normally takes two hours to do. That does not include editing, producing thumbnails, or any other chores required for uploading, so be aware of all of it before jumping straight into it.


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With the ongoing advancements in smartphone technology, creating captivating cooking videos is within reach for any aspiring culinary content creator or even newbie enthusiast! By following these tips for preparation, filming techniques, and editing, you’ll be well on your way to producing fun content and delicious recipes. Apply these tips and happy filming!